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Flexibility in a pandemic: Sail with the storm, not against it.

Flexibility in a pandemic: Sail with the storm, not against it.

Flexible is the new normal. We need it every day to adapt to changing situations in our professional and personal lives. Whether it’s car trouble, a sick family member, emergency needs from clients, or, you know, becoming a homeschool teacher overnight, being flexible helps everyone. 

Truth be told, flexibility is integral to the success of any project. 

But it doesn’t just save you from unforeseen circumstances. Flexibility opens the door to creative opportunities and serendipitous moments that lead the project down better—often unplanned—paths. Sail with the storm, not against it.

Think about your marketing plan. It’s a breathing document, allowing you to adjust for evolving customer attitudes or timely responses to events. Having the flexibility to take advantage of those opportunities could completely change the course of your organization’s marketing efforts and lead to some great ROI. 

While our process is well-honed, the secret is it’s not rigid. It doesn’t matter how we prepare the production process, deeply understanding our clients’ needs is ultimately a human endeavor. We bake flexibility into our structure because we know that being adaptable brings more value to our clients. 

Recently, a client came to us to update a long-term project: revising their 24-video education course with new branding and content, including a full set of videos in Spanish. Knowing the project would take longer than a year from start to finish, we began to plan our strategy for flexibility. We needed to be prepared for a challenging filming schedule and ensure we were connecting with Spanish-speaking subject matter experts. When we were unable to find experts inside our own network, we adapted quickly to partner with another organization that could source experts in Wisconsin to complete the interviews. The end result is exceptional content for the project.

Being nimble as a filmmaker is fundamental to the process. We need to be accommodating for a participant’s availability, resource constraints, and/or location limitations all while maintaining our promises on project objectives, deadlines, and budget to our client. 

There’s a balance (that sometimes feels like walking a tightrope) between being definitive and being flexible. Finding it means you’re maximizing your resources while still exploring the “what-ifs” and venturing off course.