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Return to Filming.

Return to Filming.

Video production has always been a collaborative effort, and that’s not going to change as we return to work. Everyone involved—whether they’re crew members, clients, talent, or location representatives—needs to feel comfortable and safe during a shoot. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us to adapt, but as creatives, we are problem solvers by nature. We put a lot of time and thought into our strategy for returning to our office and, most importantly, returning to filming. Paying attention to the discussions among industry leaders, major studios, and unions, we're developing ways to maintain safe practices for being on set.

Now that public health officials deem it safe to occupy spaces together, we are returning to filming. We will always follow the most recent restrictions and guidelines that are announced. By staying up to date on developments in our industry, we have prepared a new gold standard for operations.

Clear expectations in planning paired with technology and new location standards allow us to work with our partners to ensure we are able to film without being in direct physical contact or close proximity.

That means virtual location scouts, filming outside (or finding ways to increase airflow in ample indoor locations), staggered scheduling of on-camera participants, using only boom microphones, proper sanitization of equipment before and after each shoot, and, of course, PPE. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, and because we are a small studio, we’re able to adapt quickly and personalize our strategy for every client. What won’t vary between shoots is our No. 1 priority: developing excellent content with everyone's safety at the forefront. 

As we continue to transition, we want you to know we have a plan. 

If you aren’t ready to jump back into live filming, we get it. We will continue creating content remotely and stay focused on preproduction details for your projects that were postponed. And when you’re ready, we are here for you.