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David Such

Principal / Director of Photography

Light is Life.

More than 40 years ago, in the quiet stillness of a thick pine forest, I walked alone with a 35mm camera snapping black and white photos of the sunlight spilling through the high swaying canopy, to the branches and ground below. On that day, I chose my life’s path–the pursuit of light.

Though the physical photos I shot that day are long lost, the images remain fresh and vivid in my mind. Those first images have served as the inspiration for everything I have done since as a director of photography, painter, and sculptor.

I have been on many adventures chasing the light. It has connected me to the world and its people, and for that I am grateful. Light has illuminated my path and made my life’s work less a task and more a passion.

Karen Stefl

Principal / Producer

Garrett Jafano

Art Director / Motion Graphics

Erick Rodenberg

Editor / Asset Manager

Lilly Conklin

Associate Producer / Marketing Coordinator