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Garrett Jafano

Creative Director / Motion Graphics

My dream as a kid was to become an artist and live in my parents' basement. While my parents are probably thankful I didn’t follow through on the threat to live in their house forever, I made good on the art side of things.

There is an excitement that comes from a blank canvas, a fresh piece of paper, and a new timeline. The possibilities become endless, and the thrill of making something out of nothing takes over. The idea that what lives in your brain can soon become real and can be shared.

Creating music on my sax, goofy characters in After Effects, new worlds in a video game or odds and ends around the house, I don't feel like myself if I'm unable to create or influence the world around me.

I find that excitement and thrill with each new project and problem to solve. A new opportunity to create.

Karen Stefl

Principal / Producer

Erick Rodenberg

Director of Photography / Editor / Asset Manager

Lilly Conklin

Associate Producer / Marketing Coordinator