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Karen Stefl

Principal / Producer

I don’t sit still well. Neither does my mind.

Much of the time, it’s my curiosity that keeps me moving because there is always more to learn, see, smell, and experience. I love to figure out how things work—science, organizations, people—all of it.

People inspire me. Our motivations and desires, how independent and resilient we are, yet how badly we depend on one another. We are more alike than different, and that’s beautiful to me.

I think that is one reason working with clients is so satisfying to me. I get to dig into an organization, figure out how to solve a problem or position a message, all while taking good care of great people.

There are times where my brain slows down a bit—when I am outside with my family. Bonus points if we are in the woods hiking or on the slopes in the winter. But I don’t slow down. I’m always in motion.

I also co-host The Speak Easy Podcast where fellow boss lady friend Jen and I have honest conversations about the creative industry while having a cocktail.

Garrett Jafano

Creative Director / Motion Graphics

Lilly Conklin

Associate Producer / Marketing Coordinator