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Lilly Conklin

Associate Producer / Marketing Coordinator

I always dreamed of becoming a superhero. Changing the world for the better, of course, but also learning to fly. Around the same time I realized the latter was nearly impossible, I found various ways to impact the world around me—none requiring tights or a cape. 

My superpowers are rooted in creativity. My most vivid childhood memories are of my mom playing the piano or painting at her easel. I fell in love with the way music and art connect people, and I quickly discovered they are far more powerful than shapeshifting or invisibility. 

I studied communication through music and psychology with art. I learned how to use creative media to grab attention, evoke emotion, and open eyes. These real-life superpowers allow me to transcend barriers and take me to places I could previously only imagine. 

My secret lair is now fully stocked with tools of color, harmony, and design. I wanted to change the world, and although I can’t fly, I’m certainly fulfilling the dreams of my younger self. 

Karen Stefl

Principal / Producer

Garrett Jafano

Creative Director / Motion Graphics