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Scott Oberlander


It’s about the journey.

What excites me isn’t reaching a destination, but rather the process of getting there. It’s in those moments between point A and point B where I feel the most alive. Whether I’m backpacking the Pictured Rocks shoreline, cooking scones for the first time, or learning to ski, I get a rush from going through those new experiences and not always being sure of the outcome. Good or bad, I get to walk away with fond memories and hopefully tasty food. And through sharing those with others, I hope to inspire people to do the same and try something new of their own.

So, when I have the opportunity to tell other people's stories, I cherish it. I love sitting down and listening to someone else’s journey and what they’ve experienced. Going through the process of building those relationships. Knowing they are trusting me to share their story. It’s a huge honor, and I have a responsibility to create something that is true to who they are. That’s the beauty of it—everyone’s journey is different and has a unique story to tell. I’m beyond happy that I get to deliver these stories to the world.

Karen Stefl

Principal / Producer

Garrett Jafano

Creative Director / Motion Graphics

Lilly Conklin

Associate Producer / Marketing Coordinator