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It's a Love Story!

Client: Gift of Life Michigan

Working with Gift of Life Michigan is always an honor. As the liaison between donors, hospitals, and transplant centers, they do the work that helps save lives.

When we learned 50 percent of patients on the organ donation waiting list come from multicultural populations, but those same populations are underrepresented on the Donor Registry. The Gift of Life wanted a video series that would help break down some of the cultural barriers that have led to the gap between donors and patients.

We started by working with a man who was generously willing to tell his personal story as the husband of a donor. His story of heartache and triumph from the side of a donor family was courageous and selfless act––much like the selfless gift his wife made by adding her name to the Donor Registry. She saved four lives.

Using his story, we created a longer video for Gift of Life to use at town-hall style meetings and at public presentations. We then crafted a second, shorter version for social media. The result: More than 114,000 video views by 92,000 people, and donor registrations in the target population have risen.

The video series was so successful that the national donor registry organization, Donate Life, asked us to create a version to use nationally. We were, of course, happy to oblige.

In 2018, Donate Life America gave Gift of Life Michigan the Donate Life Pinnacle Award for the Best Multicultural Outreach program in the nation for this video.

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