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Luke's Story

Client: Consortium of Michigan Veterans Educators

One of Render’s core values is lifelong education. Our passion for individual and team growth means we are always innovating. We are champions for causes that support others’ learning as well.

When the Consortium of Michigan Veterans Educators approached us needing to their voice to be heard, it took only one conversation to know we were all in.

Student veterans have high success rates in postsecondary pursuits. Their hard work ethic and determination are without question military values that get carried forward to the classroom. Other military experiences can show up in the classroom as barriers—co-occurring PTSD, anxiety, and/or physical disabilities can work against a veteran’s success. Proper support for the student veteran on campus can make all the difference and that is where CMVE comes in.

The CMVE is a statewide network to improve support for veteran and military-connected students. CMVE members focus on ensuring veterans enrolled in Michigan’s public postsecondary institutions receive the support they need to successfully complete a credential that will lead to gainful employment and productive lives.

You know those people you meet who leave an imprint on your mind forever? Luke Clark is that person. His commitment to facing addiction and overcoming barriers has transformed his life. His generosity of spirit in sharing his story to help veterans is inspiring. Getting to know Luke Clark in a meaningful way was an incredible honor.

Working with veterans is always an honor.

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